Saturday, July 10, 2010

Life and Faith

Uish, dah bersawan blog aku nih lama x update~ B.U.S.Y - is a nonsense reason actually, juz no idea to update and merapu kt sini. tp gatal nk membebel gak hari ni...ngeh3x

Almost 3 months being an employee.. life graph still looking unbalance.. sometimes I felt unsatisfied with my life right now, but when I compare with most of my friends that still looking for a job, it making me idea how to interpret, just a sigh coz this is my faith. But it doesn't mean that I had been give up with all these things. 

Actually not such a very bad with my life right now coz I've a good team at my workplace, I've nice colleagues. everyday we're having jokes and laugh.. sometime kena buli ngn team member..maklum la aku ni fresher, still on learning process.. but never mind, take it easy, waiting till the right time, aku buli balik dorang ..ngeh3x.. but the most bad thing abt my job is I've to do the same thing every single day I had and I've to  'tenung' PC for 9hours everyday!!! such a very bored!!!!

Overall, I feel comfortable with my life right now, but not comfort zone.. why? of course we want something  better rite? for me, I've to plan to move forward, plan for my future and etc. so, I have to think slowly, plan strategically and then act effectively. hmm, I've so many plan actually, but I hv to specify them due to priority. now is the right time to act for the 1st plan.. even I've to used up all my saving almost RM4k to make sure my plan is successful.. plan ape 2 ye? that's my secret..ngeh3x..

>>bila masuk keje, hari jumaat yg paling ditunggu2, tp bila tiba masanya, boring la plak xtau nk wtpe time weekend..alahai..


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