Sunday, June 19, 2011

Good Bye Singapore!

One month already I left Singapore..not real Singapore, I just served for Singapore customers at HSBC actually..but now I moved to new company..that company I want to keep as my secret..only my close friends knew about it.. for public, I just can say, "I'm not HSBC's employee anymore"..that's all..

So, after one month, I already changed. my life totally different now...every day I travel with comuter, bus, LRT and walking to my office.very tough and extremely exhausted. but this what we call life.. yet, I've to change everything including my appearance, communication, hobbies, and environment...

I didn't said that I love this job, and I also didn't said that I hate this new job.. because it's very tough and deserve a lot of sacrifice in term of time, money, and energy...I have to read a lot of english books, attend on a lot of tasks and assignments, doing revisions and short what a lot of things to do...until sometimes I felt like want to surrender from all those things...

However, I knew all those things even just like a burden on me, but in other side, I can improve my self in many aspects...I knew this is the first step for future leader..this is what I call myself right now, "I am a Young Leader"...

So, to be a future leader, the most important thing is knowledge enrichment...and one of actions to enrich the knowledge is through reading book like what I'm doing right, this entry is just like 'ads' before continue my reading..=)

Ok, gonna proceed with my reading now..only 3 chapters left..I've to finish this reading by today...chaiyok!!

"Leaders are respected for their knowledge"


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