Friday, February 26, 2010

All About Risk

Risk equals to uncertainty.. unfortunately, everything in this world has it own risk. perhaps most of us always avoid from risk and also think that risk is something bad, nonsense, ridiculous and etc.. same goes to me before..

but now, after I'd learned several subjects that related to risk like risk theory, insurance and risk management and also survival model, I think risk is something interesting and I always applied this knowledge in my life.. of course there is very common problem for all of us in life. we hesitate while taking risks. however, life is also a great challenge, and don't we all risk it. hence, the advise is risk it!! I believe if we successfully passed this challenge, fuhh!!! we will breathe relieved and feel very3x satisfied with that achievement. we might discover a new person in ourself..
but of course, to take any risk, we must having a great strength to face any possibilities that might happen in the future. this strength depends on our risk taker levels. means that which level we are whether aggressive, medium or lowest risk taker. so,what we have to do is identify our risk taker percentage so that we will know how strong we are.

sometimes, our strength becomes from experiences. suffer, frustrating, failure and etc are valuable experiences that can't be found anywhere. better we utilize and appreciate it and take it as a lesson so that we didn't repeat it over again. can't deny that some people still fear and try to avoid to take any risk even it was happened before. yes, it's happened in this real world, but it's depend on individually assumptions and their own action, no one can force it..

but, we are should willing to take risk in our life even just a bit. coz by doing this, at least we have little effort to aim for something to life better. it also can give us some spirit to wake up from failure or frustrating of something.. so, risk the risks coz "there's nothing with this life without risk"!!! as an actuarist, in our mind is greater risk, greater return@profit!!

>> gonna share something abt risk, I got it from my lecturer..

to laugh is to risk appearing a fool!
to weep is to risk appearing sentimental!
to reach out for another is to risk involvement!
to express feelings is to risk rejection!
to place your dreams before the crowd is to risk ridicule!
to love is to risk not being loved in return!
but risks must be taken,
because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing!
the person who risks nothing does nothing, has noting, is nothing!
he may avoid suffering and sorrow,
but he can't learn, feel, change, grow or love!
chained by his certitudes, he is slave!
only a person who takes risks is free!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

~My Dreams~

since I was a little girl, I'd a lot of dreams.. some of them become true, some of them also stuck @ burnt, and the rest still in progress..huhu..never know when it will be reality. ok, currently, these r my great dream, hopefully it become true n by hook by crook I'll try my best to reach that..

1. Travel to Beijing

I dn't know y I'm extremely excited to go there. bt the main target is I want to capture the Great Wall.. I can see tht it very special coz it full with sacrifice, effort etc.. actually not limited to Beijing, I want to travel all around the world.. especially to the "7 Wonders of The World"...

2. Becomes a successful businesswoman

owh, this is my future planning.. actually I hv great idea abt this n of course it's related with my hobbies. so far, I juz plan a bit and take note all the requirement @ basic thing tht I've to stdy, trnsform ideas from my mind to a piece of paper.. also struggling make a research how to start, how to get capital n etc.. hope anyone tht hv experience can help me abt this..

3. Usratus sakinah

it means happy family.. I guess most of people has this dream rite? same goes to me. hopefully I'll get a happy family riches with love, peace, and the most important thing is rich with blessing of Allah..

it's not easy to achieve our dream.. of course it deserve full of commitment, sacrifice, great effort, and also suffer.. but we have to face all of them so tht we can enjoy after tht with high utility..

"dream the impossible dream,
fight the unbeatable foe,
strive with ur last ounce of courage,
to reach the unreachable star-Joe Darion"

"a dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement - Bo Bennett"

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spread The Salam


actually, I got an interesting info abt salam. so I think I gonna share with u all abt that. as we know tht, spread the salam is a sunnah n we r compulsory to answer tht, n it's better if we can answer more. means tht, if some1 ask "assalamualaikum," we have to reply with "waalaikumsalam warahmatullah." if they ask "assalamualaikum wrhmatullah," then reply with "waalaikumsalam warahmatullahibarakatuh." then if they ask more, we can said "waalaikumsalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh wamaghfiruhu waridhwanuh." which means "salam sejahtera ke atas kamu dan semoga dirahmati Allah dan diberkati dan diampunkanNya dan diredhaiNya."

quit long rite? bt this is the way tht we pray 4 peace to our frenz. n this show tht we love n appreciate them a lot.. so, let's spread our love with salam..

ok, the interesting info tht I'd heard is how can we replied if non-muslim ask salam 4 us? some people said, we juz reply with "wa'alaikum," can't be "wa'alikum salam." but, actually we can reply "wa'alaikum salam." bt it's depend on situation..

ok, the situation is when we're not sure whether they ask "assalamu'alaikum" or "assamu'alaikum." if we r sure tht they ask "assalamu'alaikum," then we can reply "wa'alaikum salam." but if they ask "assamu'alaikum" or not very clear, we juz can said "wa'alaikum" which means "and on u as well."

well, " assamu'alaikum" is totally different with "assalamu'alaikum." "assamu'alaikum" actually means "celakalah ke ats kamu." it was used by yahudi long times ago to make muslims become confused. so, we hve to particular with their tactic to confuse us and it's not impossible many other ways they use to make us become doubt with our religion. 1 of them is by using "Allah" as their god name.. clearly I said here tht I totally did'nt agree and allow them to use tht holy word.

as a nutshell, we as muslim must always realize with kafirun's actions. remember, a minute we're default, Islam will be destroyed.. nauzubillahi minzalik..

Sabda Rasulullah SAW: "Demi Dzat yang diriku dalam genggamanNya, mereka tidak masuk syurga sehingga mereka beriman, dan mereka tidak beriman sehingga mereka saling menyinta. Maukah kamu aku tunjukkan sesuatu yang jika kamu mengerjakannya kamu saling menyinta? Sebarkan salam di kalangan kamu."

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Azab Zina


long time never post entry abt ad-deen.. ak prnh dgr, klu kt xdgr @ xblajar ilmu agama more thn 40 days, hati kt akan mati, tertutup... nauzubillah...

so, today I wanna talk abt ZINA. did u all know tht some people said that zina is doesn't different with married? I was shocked heard that!!! mrk yg ckp cmni merupakan org yg xde ilmu agama lgsg.. bleh dia ckp "rasa sama je pun, xde beza.."

ok, if they r very stupid (jahil) to understand, let take this as a simple way to understand.. between 2 chickens, 1 sembelih dgn nama Allah & another 1 x sembelih.. so which 1 u will chose to eat? sanggup xmkn yg x sembelih 2?

same like zina, it's not legally to us as muslim.. but Allah give another way to make it legal, that is married.. byk sgt dlm Al-Quran & hadis yg menerangkan dosa dan azab berzina. termasuk juga dosa menghampiri zina... cth yg paling jelas adlh, couple b4 married..

dlm 1 hadis riwayat at-Tarmizi, "ada dua lubang yg boleh mmbawa manusia ke neraka iaitu mulut dan faraj." dpt lihat di sini betapa besarnya peranan kedua-dua angota trsebut sehingga boleh mgheret kita ke neraka.. astaghfirullahal azim...

dlm hadis2 yg lain pula,

"org yg berzina - di akhirat nanti akan keluar dari farajnya api yg menyala2.."

"di pdg masyar pula, terdapat bau yg sgt busuk dibawa angin hingga mengganggu manusia lain- bau busuk itu adalah bau kemaluan org yg berzina."

selain zina, dosa liwat dan seumpamanya juga disebut dlm al-quran bhw "Allah mengutuk mrk pd waktu pg dan petang, - mrk itu adlh lelaki yg menyerupai wanita dan sebaliknya, dan juga org yg melempiaskan nafsunya pd tempat yg tdk sepatutnya spt pd binatang, kaum sejenis dll.."

sama2lah kt renungkan dan muhasabah diri kita.. dlm kehidupan seharian, mgkin amt sukar utk kt mghindari maksiat.. ak sndri akui, iman terkadang lemah utk melawan hawa nafsu hingga terbuai & terleka..

ap yg mampu ak lakukan adlah, stiap pg selepas solat subuh, ku niatkan dlm hati utk mghindari segala mksiat dan niat utk melakukan sebyk mgkin amal & ibadah utk hari itu.. dan ku doakan juga semoga Allah pelihara setiap tutur kataku, hati, fikiran dan tingkahlaku dri segala maksiat & perkara2 yg menyakitkan hati org lain.. semoga Allah permudahkan setiap urusan harianku..amin...

"sesungguhnya dengan zikrullah, hati akan tenang."

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Seminar Dinar Emas 2010

Date : 24th Jan 2010
Venue : KTAMS, UKM
Organizer : PERDANA UKM

almost a week didn't update my blog.. very bz with my thesis actually.. most of my time juz analyze data and sometyms stuck with long formula that I've to transform to excel, solver n etc..huh, very tired with this job!!!

ok, back to the title of the entry, abt a week ago, PERDANA had organize another 1 progamme tht was Seminar Dinar Emas 2010 (SEDINAR '10). 4 me, this seminar was gave me a lot of info abt gold dinar n of course it was important for us as a muslim to know the history abt gold dinar since that was used as an islamic currency 4 abt 2600 years ago..

klu dpt yg ni algkh brtuahnya hidup....

these are summaries 4 the seminar.. actually I juz copy from my report of secretary 4 this programme..hehe

In the slot 1, Prof. Dato' Dr Hailani Muji Tahir, UKM lecturer at Faculty of Islamic Studies presented the seminar entitled "Implimentation of Gold Dinar in Islamic Muamalah System : Current Economic Alternatives." he touched a lot abt the history of fiat money n the dinar as a currency advantage. among them is the gold dinar is the best hedging tool. this can be proved when within 1400 years, the gold dinar's inflation is zero.

for slot 2, Pn Hajah Nik Mahani Mohamad, director of Kelantan Golden Trade presented a seminar entitled "Dinar Emas Kelantan - A Strategy to Rescue Ummah." She explained abt the implemetation of the gold dinar currency system will be implemented in Kelantan ia a little while longer. in the question & answer session, there is the possibility of problems occurring difficulties to bring coins n the dinar exchange for a smaller value. the solution is dinar coin is too light that weighs only 4.25gram for 1 dinar, while the exchange of the smaller units can use dirham.
qs & answer session.. bgus tol pk cik ni....

while the slot 3, which was presented by En. Hashim Syukor as an admin for, entitled "Secret of Gold Investment" opened eyes the audience with methods to make gold investment. in this slot, he explains abt the privileges of gold, gold investment method n how to make a profit trough gold. the method is laid between the purchase of gold at a low price n then sell them back at a high price. actually, as an actuarial student, I'd learn a lot abt this method, so I know tht this method is a simplest way to get high profit. and many more method can use to make an investment... tht is my stdy for thesis rite now..

smpat jugak brgmbr ngn En Syukor, admin

Last slot is presented by Dato' Paduka Husam Musa, Exco Kerajaan Negeri Kelantan. he presented "Aspect Control for Dinar Currency System, Currency in The World Use of Mechanism." he focused the use of the dinar currency more widely not only in Kelantan, but also in foreign countries outside Malaysia..

as a conclusion, i think it a great idea to use dinar n dirham as a currency coz it's more stable a great solution to face economic crisis..

main sponsor 4 event.. Public Gold

wtpe xtau la ni....

ni dia surat2 jmputan yg ak kna hntr b4 program....

>>> important note : anyone yg nk pinang aku, ak xmtk wg hantaran byk2 pn, ckup la 3@4dinar sbg hantaran..hehe.. this is good idea i got from this seminar..=)


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