Friday, February 26, 2010

All About Risk

Risk equals to uncertainty.. unfortunately, everything in this world has it own risk. perhaps most of us always avoid from risk and also think that risk is something bad, nonsense, ridiculous and etc.. same goes to me before..

but now, after I'd learned several subjects that related to risk like risk theory, insurance and risk management and also survival model, I think risk is something interesting and I always applied this knowledge in my life.. of course there is very common problem for all of us in life. we hesitate while taking risks. however, life is also a great challenge, and don't we all risk it. hence, the advise is risk it!! I believe if we successfully passed this challenge, fuhh!!! we will breathe relieved and feel very3x satisfied with that achievement. we might discover a new person in ourself..
but of course, to take any risk, we must having a great strength to face any possibilities that might happen in the future. this strength depends on our risk taker levels. means that which level we are whether aggressive, medium or lowest risk taker. so,what we have to do is identify our risk taker percentage so that we will know how strong we are.

sometimes, our strength becomes from experiences. suffer, frustrating, failure and etc are valuable experiences that can't be found anywhere. better we utilize and appreciate it and take it as a lesson so that we didn't repeat it over again. can't deny that some people still fear and try to avoid to take any risk even it was happened before. yes, it's happened in this real world, but it's depend on individually assumptions and their own action, no one can force it..

but, we are should willing to take risk in our life even just a bit. coz by doing this, at least we have little effort to aim for something to life better. it also can give us some spirit to wake up from failure or frustrating of something.. so, risk the risks coz "there's nothing with this life without risk"!!! as an actuarist, in our mind is greater risk, greater return@profit!!

>> gonna share something abt risk, I got it from my lecturer..

to laugh is to risk appearing a fool!
to weep is to risk appearing sentimental!
to reach out for another is to risk involvement!
to express feelings is to risk rejection!
to place your dreams before the crowd is to risk ridicule!
to love is to risk not being loved in return!
but risks must be taken,
because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing!
the person who risks nothing does nothing, has noting, is nothing!
he may avoid suffering and sorrow,
but he can't learn, feel, change, grow or love!
chained by his certitudes, he is slave!
only a person who takes risks is free!

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