Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Events @ PWTC

1. Wedding Expo
I went to this expo at 14th March 2010, the last day of the event. doesn't plan to go there actually, my rumate n me decide it on da spot since my rumate very excited to get married..we arrived there at 2.00pm.. fullamak, rmai gler org..n most of them going with their 'beloved-couple'..

there was a lot of wedding promotions include photography, photo albums, wedding invitation cards, catering, bridal dress, and etc. all of these could get in one package. the one that I like most is a package abt RM4500, complete with photography starting from malam berinai till the end of wedding, dress, pelamin and many others. felt like to book at tht time, but the most problem is the 'groom' is doesn't exist yet.hehe

very like this invitation cards..simple tp menyerlah..

the best thing tht I couldn't forget is when they asked me, "when u will get married?" I replied, "hmm, within 1-2years.." then they asked, "where's ur future husband comes from?" uiks, this question very2 killed me! but with slumber face, confidently I said,"kelantan as well.."haha..my answer just like I had someone waiting 4 me rite.. perasan je aku nih... n one more question they asked me, "why didn't come together with ur future husband?" and again, dgn slumber je aku jwb, "owh, he's working.." kuawawa....

 fashion show pn ada.. ni fesyen ala cairo gitu..

 smpt lg ak berangan nk kawin guna pelamin cmni..hehe..tp xyah grand pn xpe, mmbazir je, bkn grand wedding yg dipertaruhkan, tp kebahagiaan lebih utama..

2. Matta Fair

Matta fair offers great travel promotions to anyone tht very love to travel like me. hehe..for those who's really like traveling, this is the exact time to book for travel coz there was 20-50% off!! at tht time I just survey a bit coz doesn't have enough money to book.. actually I'd tried to find any travel  promotion to mt. kinabalu and also beijing, but didn't found it. mt kinabalu promotion was available but too expensive I think. never mind, I think I want to spend some money every month special for travel when  I start work.. hope my dreams become true..insyaAllah..

3. International Books Fair

This is the latest event at PWTC, it was last week ago.. I went with my bestfren, Fifah at 1st day of the event..smangat tol.. I bought 4 books for my collections.. two of them was "Don't be Sad" it have 3 volumes actually but I just bought vol 1 and vol 2.. after finish read both of them, I'll buy the last volume. actually I like to buy this book a long times ago. I falled in love with tht when red it for the 1st time abt 3years ago.. yeah, now I got it.. hopefully it can motivating me when I go down n feel sad..

being a part of my collections..

the other one is "Kembara Hamba Mencari Cahaya" written by Hilal Ashraf. I like his writing and always up-dated his writing at his blog. I'll make a summary for this book when I finish read this book later. and the last one is "Ikhtiar Penyembuhan Penyakit dgn Ayat2 dan Doa2 Mustajab" by Dr Harun Din. It was published by Darul Syifa'. hopefully it can help me when I got problems or sick.. It was amazing coz we can use Ayat2 al-Quran to cure any illness except death la.. It's realizing me tht there's no others can help us except Allah.. always trust Allah whenever n wherever we are, La ilaha illallah..Muhammadun Rasulallah...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Got But Gone

It's not easy to reach for something,
but it's more difficult to hold something that you already got...
sometimes it is already in our hand,
but it also gone..
no matter how we take care of it,
it still couldn't stay permanently with us..
at that time, 
no more things we could do, 
just let it go..
it is the best way we can choose..

>>>> gmbr kt ats 2 aku snap lps men bdminton ngn tat, trpksa letak gmbr tat sbb tat xreti nk snap gmbr aku biar jd cm2 gak..geram tat!!!! 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Empty, Losses....

Speechless and empty.. itulah yg aku rasa saat ini.. namun, entah kenapa sedari peristiwa itu berlaku, air mata seolah-olah bermusuh denganku, tidak lg sudi menemaniku membasahi pipi.. not even juz for one drop.. mungkinkah kerana aku sudah berhati batu?? Sakit hati, kecewa, memang xdpt dinafikan perasaan itu, tp aku tetap tenang dan tidak mengharapkan langsung agar keajaiban bakal berlaku.. ak xharap walau sedikit pn..

Terlalu besar kehilangan yg kualami.. bukan nilai wang ringgit yg aku kesalkan, tetapi nilai usaha dan penat lelah yg telah hancur..itu yg xdpt kumiliki kembali.. segala usaha, penat-lelah dan susah payah aku selama ini hancur sekelip mata.. bukan sedikit usaha dan pengorbanan yg kupertaruhkan, bukan sedikit masa yg kuperuntukkan, bukan terlalu ‘murah’ prinsip yg ku pertahankan.. Terasa spt semua org mentertawakan aku kerana kebodohanku..

Ku sangkakan awan mendung telah berlalu dari hidupku, rupa2nya ternyata silap telahanku itu.. bilakah ketenangan dan kebahagiaan akan benar2 menyapa hidupku?? Aku tdk terlalu mgharapkan kebahagiaan, namun aku xsanggup lagi menempuhi kedukaan dan kesengsaraan.... semoga aku dpt mghadapi kehidupankku dgn aman lps ni...

Saban hari kuzikirkan al-ma’thurat.. kubaca dan kuselami maksud di sebalik ayat-ayat zikir tersebut.. teringat aku dengan ayt di dlmnya bhw “Allah tdk membebani hambaNya melebihi kemampuannya..” lalu hatiku mempersoalkan, apakah ak masih mampu utk mengadapi dugaan ini setelah pelbagai onak dan duri telah kulalui sebelum ini?? Ya, mungkin aku masih kuat..

“Listen for everything, but trust for nothing.”

Sunday, March 21, 2010

3 'Shocks'

First time in my life I felt so lucky.. within this week, I got 3 'shocks'. amazing!!! my fren, Tarmiza said, "after long time you had been suffered, now is the time for you to enjoy ur life as the happiness is coming to you."

1. Job's interview
firstly, I praise to Allah for giving me this chance.. I was success for that interview n I got the job.. owh, really unexpected it moves smoothly.. felt unbelievable when I got the result within 24hours just after the interview n I've to start to work at 6th May.. so early actually, but never mind, by hook by crook I've to accept that coz the chance never repeat for the next time rite. 

2. Free Trip to Langkawi
hoho.. even I'd been there before, but I still feeling excited to go there over again. free beb, sape xnak pergi kan.. actually I got this offer from suriaFM coz I'd filled form as suriaFM VIP members and I was lucky when I'd been selected for the lucky draw.. they offering me to go there for 3days and 2 nights for 2person including me. so, I'd decide to ask my sister to accompany me. apalagi dia 2, melompat2 kegembiraan la..huhu

3. The rest of my life
for this 'shock', I don't know how to interpret it. I felt dilemma.. always like this when I talk abt my heart. some1 comes into my life, but he's not the one that I hope.. owh, how can I lie to my self, trying to be stone heart?? I can't do it, I can't lie my self to say there is no one staying deep in my heart.. thus, I decide to ignore anything related with the rest of my life within 1-2 years. I've something more important to do for this moment.. that is my decision.. I just hope may Allah bless me and always plan the best 4 me and I wish I can accept all the faith.. give me strength Ya Allah..

"there is no permanent suffering, when it gone, happiness will coming to you, at that moment, hold the happiness, never let it go anymore."

Thursday, March 18, 2010

1st Time Interview

Nervous + stomachache + scared + excited + bla bla bla... that all my feelings within 24hours b4 interview at Cyberjaya just now. but finally it was ended successfully.. feeling unbelievable that I can speak confidently even with broken english.. erm, about the result, I don't know why I strongly feel that I'll get the job even I'm not put a high hope.. anyway, I'll get the result by 2weeks later. May Allah plan the best for me.. 

2hours before interview, as usual, I called my father to ask any tips. It was normal action especially when I have any problem @ need support, I'll call my father so that I'll get tips to calm down myself. wanna know the tips? it so simple. just read Al-Fatihah in a single breath and then Basmallah 11x also in a single breath. it was really work!! I've applied these tips before I had a JPJ test to get driving licence before. still fresh in my mind, very2 nervous 4 the licence test smpai termuntah!! erk.... tadi pun dah pening2 lalat and I'd my lunch with half of bread and orange juice, 2pn xbleh telan.. at this moment, I would like to thans a lot to my bestfren, Fifah coz supporting me very much.. love u bebeh!!!

During interview, there was 3stages 4 the interview session. for the1st stage I've to take a grammar test.. waa, didn't expected there was a grammar test, I not study about grammar even just  a bit. so, I juz 'hentam2' la.. then, go to the short interview, juz abt my study background. and lastly, the final stage facing with HR, the part that very2 challenge actually.. Alhamdulillah, I answered all the questions confidently.

here are some common questions asked  during interview. 1st, "tell me about your study." or if we have any  work experience, they will ask, "tell me about your experiences." other question is "why should our company take u to be part of us?" and a bonus question if we are fresher, "are u actively involve in any organization at campus?" oh, I really like this question and of course my involvement in PERDANA give me enough strength to talk and market myself. thank you very much to PERDANA and the person whose introducing me to PERDANA.

After interview, I come out from the interview room with a smile, don't know why but it was happened out of  my control till the other candidates looking strange to me... then one of them asked me, "did u get it?" I said, "not sure, juz wait the result after 2weeks" also with a smile.hehe..

for the next time if I have any other interview, something important to take note is don't forget to bring together more than 2 copies of passport size photo, 4 or more copies of IC, a copy of SPM certificate @ highest education certificate, resume, and other original certificates related.

>>>> ooppss.. lupa plak.. if i get the job, I'll start my work immediately after finish my stdy, means tht after 15 may 2010..hoho.. xsbr nk keje.. but still wondering which branch I'll work whether KL @ Cyberjaya..

Friday, March 12, 2010

This Is Life Alike...

it's like a cycle,
sometimes it's bringing us up..
sometimes it's bringing us down as well..

also like a travel to the top..
we have to climb up step by step..
but never be over confident..

we have to stop in the middle,
to take a deep breath,
to review all the things that we have done..
and making sure that all the things are all right
so that there's nothing will pulling us down
when we are at the top...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

10 Secrets I Learn From The Apprentice

Finally, I finished red this book after 3times renew at PTSL UKM. fuh, takes a long time to finish the reading seems I was busy with my thesis, assignment etc. so, what can I say abt this book is, very great!!! this book motivating me very much.. and I think it's very good for some1 whose really interested in business @ intrepreneurship.

There are valuable secrets that can guide us to survive in real life. all the secrets are adapted from reality TV program at US, The Apprentice.. I'd up-dated with this program before but not for all seasons coz lack of times and haven't TV at my college.

Here I gonna share with u all a bit secrets in this book.. juz a bit ok, the rest, u all must read it by urselves.. firstly, in recent world fulled with competitions, we must show-off ourselves, be creative, think big @ out of box, independent, and don't miss to defend ourselves aggressively. remember, if you don't fight for yourself, no one else will. don't expect others to defend u!!

Normally, in real life people always find our mistakes and of course if it's happened, they will torturing us easily. people also like measuring our confidence and value of our ideas. so, we always must get ready with many plans @ reasons to hold our ideas.

Next, identify all possible resources and use them strategically. means that try to find any sources available with minimum cost. for example asking help from our friend, family or some1 whose find experience like internship students.. by doing this, we can cut the losses. in business, we must take serious abt possible losses even just $1. oh yeah, this is my principle.hehe..

Then, if we make any deal with someone, it's better we meet face to face with them before making a decision. perhaps by doing this, the clients might change their mind to accept our contact @ something else. but, by meet the client, it deserve a tough negotiation. well, no single negotiating strategy is perfect.. it depend on the situation, partner or personality..

Lastly, we must think smart to choose the only most profitable deal. don't waste your time with unprofitable deal or you will lose the great profit that you will get from other deals.

For the bonus section, this book offer tips for dressing, speaking successfully, etc..

"failing to predict an attack is not a mistake.
the mistake is expecting attacks to diminish @ disappear by letting them go unanswered."

>> teringin nk buka library kt rumah bila dh ada rumah sndri nanti... pupuk minat belajar kpd ank2..hehe..

Drawing in Hot

In a hot day without current ( blackout for 3days ),
better I spent that leisure time with my hobby...
so, the result is like this...

as usual, I juz use pencil & 0.4mm artline..
but 4 this time,
I use 5B pencil that I bought last month....
so my sketch look more dark than before,
no need to give an extra force to the 3B pencil anymore while making a shading..
and this drawing takes about 2hours start from making grid lines till the final touch..

about the quality,
I think it's not bad,
but very3x bad..
hurm, mayb coz so long time didn't drawing,
so the skill is gone..hehe

anyhow, so far this sketch not meant to give to anyone,
maybe juz becomes a part of my collections
to decorate my room's wall..

" who want a rose must respect the thorn,
and take time to smell the rose.."

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Semuanya Tak Perlu......

Tak perlu aku pinta kau jgn pedulikan aku,
sbb kau memang dah lama tak pedulikan aku,
dan aku benar-benar pasti ianya hanya menyemakkan fikiran kau..

tak perlu aku pinta kau jgn hubungi aku lagi,
sbb kau memang dah tak hubungi aku lagi
dan aku benar-benar pasti kau tak akan hubungi aku lagi lepas ni..

tak perlu aku pinta kau jgn tanya khabarku lagi,
sbb sememangnya kau dah tak ambil tahu lagi soal kehidupanku,
kerana urusan hidup matiku bukan lagi urusan kau...

tak perlu aku pinta kau lupakan aku,
sbb kau terlebih dahulu dah buang aku dari hidup kau,
dan aku pasti kau takkan kenal lagi siapa aku lepas ni..

tak perlu aku pinta kau buang semua kenangan kita,
sbb dah lama kau buang dari ingatanmu..
kerana bagimu tiada apa yang istimewa utk dikenangkan..

tak perlu aku pinta kau pergi dari hidupku,
sbb kau dgn rela hatinya melangkah pergi tiada berpaling lagi,
malah dgn rela hatinya kau mengusir diriku tanpa belas..

dan tak perlu pula aku pinta kau kembali padaku,
kerana semua itu benar-benar mustahil bagimu.....
dan ianya merupakan perkara paling bodoh jika kau lakukan...

>>> Oh Tuhan, aku benar2 ingin pergi dari mengintai kenangan silam, tapi aku tak mampu..


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