Sunday, March 21, 2010

3 'Shocks'

First time in my life I felt so lucky.. within this week, I got 3 'shocks'. amazing!!! my fren, Tarmiza said, "after long time you had been suffered, now is the time for you to enjoy ur life as the happiness is coming to you."

1. Job's interview
firstly, I praise to Allah for giving me this chance.. I was success for that interview n I got the job.. owh, really unexpected it moves smoothly.. felt unbelievable when I got the result within 24hours just after the interview n I've to start to work at 6th May.. so early actually, but never mind, by hook by crook I've to accept that coz the chance never repeat for the next time rite. 

2. Free Trip to Langkawi
hoho.. even I'd been there before, but I still feeling excited to go there over again. free beb, sape xnak pergi kan.. actually I got this offer from suriaFM coz I'd filled form as suriaFM VIP members and I was lucky when I'd been selected for the lucky draw.. they offering me to go there for 3days and 2 nights for 2person including me. so, I'd decide to ask my sister to accompany me. apalagi dia 2, melompat2 kegembiraan la..huhu

3. The rest of my life
for this 'shock', I don't know how to interpret it. I felt dilemma.. always like this when I talk abt my heart. some1 comes into my life, but he's not the one that I hope.. owh, how can I lie to my self, trying to be stone heart?? I can't do it, I can't lie my self to say there is no one staying deep in my heart.. thus, I decide to ignore anything related with the rest of my life within 1-2 years. I've something more important to do for this moment.. that is my decision.. I just hope may Allah bless me and always plan the best 4 me and I wish I can accept all the faith.. give me strength Ya Allah..

"there is no permanent suffering, when it gone, happiness will coming to you, at that moment, hold the happiness, never let it go anymore."


Nurul Ain said...


Anonymous said...

yang ke3 tu org masuk meminang ker? hohoho

nurul89 said...

salam elaik....tahniah ya....beruntung betul....apa pun...keep going k...kuatkan smgt...all da best

YaNNa'87 said...


kapten~xsempat pinang pn..huhu. i'm still single mingle k..

nurul89~tq..wish u same..

nurul afiza said...

bile mu nk g bercuti lgkawi ni? beli cokelat byk2 kat ak.. hahaha, btw.. thniah la, xsia2 mu join suria vip, ak dgr sje je suria.. hihi

YaNNa'87 said...

ntahla, voucher dia pn ak lom amik.. xdop msa nk g.. t ak nk g aku oyk la ko mu..dftr gaok la weh.mntau ad rzki mu plop.hehe


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