Sunday, March 7, 2010

10 Secrets I Learn From The Apprentice

Finally, I finished red this book after 3times renew at PTSL UKM. fuh, takes a long time to finish the reading seems I was busy with my thesis, assignment etc. so, what can I say abt this book is, very great!!! this book motivating me very much.. and I think it's very good for some1 whose really interested in business @ intrepreneurship.

There are valuable secrets that can guide us to survive in real life. all the secrets are adapted from reality TV program at US, The Apprentice.. I'd up-dated with this program before but not for all seasons coz lack of times and haven't TV at my college.

Here I gonna share with u all a bit secrets in this book.. juz a bit ok, the rest, u all must read it by urselves.. firstly, in recent world fulled with competitions, we must show-off ourselves, be creative, think big @ out of box, independent, and don't miss to defend ourselves aggressively. remember, if you don't fight for yourself, no one else will. don't expect others to defend u!!

Normally, in real life people always find our mistakes and of course if it's happened, they will torturing us easily. people also like measuring our confidence and value of our ideas. so, we always must get ready with many plans @ reasons to hold our ideas.

Next, identify all possible resources and use them strategically. means that try to find any sources available with minimum cost. for example asking help from our friend, family or some1 whose find experience like internship students.. by doing this, we can cut the losses. in business, we must take serious abt possible losses even just $1. oh yeah, this is my principle.hehe..

Then, if we make any deal with someone, it's better we meet face to face with them before making a decision. perhaps by doing this, the clients might change their mind to accept our contact @ something else. but, by meet the client, it deserve a tough negotiation. well, no single negotiating strategy is perfect.. it depend on the situation, partner or personality..

Lastly, we must think smart to choose the only most profitable deal. don't waste your time with unprofitable deal or you will lose the great profit that you will get from other deals.

For the bonus section, this book offer tips for dressing, speaking successfully, etc..

"failing to predict an attack is not a mistake.
the mistake is expecting attacks to diminish @ disappear by letting them go unanswered."

>> teringin nk buka library kt rumah bila dh ada rumah sndri nanti... pupuk minat belajar kpd ank2..hehe..


Anonymous said...

bagus ler ko bc buku mcm ni

tuk anak2 tu... bagus gak..

YaNNa'87 said...

bca bku cmni la best, bleh bg motivasi n bg idea bernas..

plan utk ank2 6t 2..hehe


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