Thursday, March 18, 2010

1st Time Interview

Nervous + stomachache + scared + excited + bla bla bla... that all my feelings within 24hours b4 interview at Cyberjaya just now. but finally it was ended successfully.. feeling unbelievable that I can speak confidently even with broken english.. erm, about the result, I don't know why I strongly feel that I'll get the job even I'm not put a high hope.. anyway, I'll get the result by 2weeks later. May Allah plan the best for me.. 

2hours before interview, as usual, I called my father to ask any tips. It was normal action especially when I have any problem @ need support, I'll call my father so that I'll get tips to calm down myself. wanna know the tips? it so simple. just read Al-Fatihah in a single breath and then Basmallah 11x also in a single breath. it was really work!! I've applied these tips before I had a JPJ test to get driving licence before. still fresh in my mind, very2 nervous 4 the licence test smpai termuntah!! erk.... tadi pun dah pening2 lalat and I'd my lunch with half of bread and orange juice, 2pn xbleh telan.. at this moment, I would like to thans a lot to my bestfren, Fifah coz supporting me very much.. love u bebeh!!!

During interview, there was 3stages 4 the interview session. for the1st stage I've to take a grammar test.. waa, didn't expected there was a grammar test, I not study about grammar even just  a bit. so, I juz 'hentam2' la.. then, go to the short interview, juz abt my study background. and lastly, the final stage facing with HR, the part that very2 challenge actually.. Alhamdulillah, I answered all the questions confidently.

here are some common questions asked  during interview. 1st, "tell me about your study." or if we have any  work experience, they will ask, "tell me about your experiences." other question is "why should our company take u to be part of us?" and a bonus question if we are fresher, "are u actively involve in any organization at campus?" oh, I really like this question and of course my involvement in PERDANA give me enough strength to talk and market myself. thank you very much to PERDANA and the person whose introducing me to PERDANA.

After interview, I come out from the interview room with a smile, don't know why but it was happened out of  my control till the other candidates looking strange to me... then one of them asked me, "did u get it?" I said, "not sure, juz wait the result after 2weeks" also with a smile.hehe..

for the next time if I have any other interview, something important to take note is don't forget to bring together more than 2 copies of passport size photo, 4 or more copies of IC, a copy of SPM certificate @ highest education certificate, resume, and other original certificates related.

>>>> ooppss.. lupa plak.. if i get the job, I'll start my work immediately after finish my stdy, means tht after 15 may 2010..hoho.. xsbr nk keje.. but still wondering which branch I'll work whether KL @ Cyberjaya..


Nurul Ain said...

wah, dah pergi interview keje..bagusnye..


sU_EbAh said...

tahniah, yana...
insya allah, dapat la 2..

kte pn da lpas interview gak..
n da dpt result da pn..
n alhamdulillah, a lot of praise 2 ALLAH that i finally got it..

kte pn ada 3 stages of interview have to go that day..1st, grammar @ essay, 2nd: logical and IQ test n finally baru interview..

kte expect xdpt sb lpas interview yg menakutkan 2, kte mcm da putus harapan da.dgn percakapan msa interview 2 tunggang terbalik ayatnya, blh plak speechless msa tgh bercakap 2, ngn ramai kwn yg rasanya lbh berkelayakan dri diri kte smalam dpt email said that i was success..alhamdulillah..

lpas ni yana blh ar belanja kte sb kte x keje lg, yg dpt ni just utk ikuti kursus utk dptkn certificate programming je baru..lpas 3 bln, insya allah, masa 2 kte plak yg akan belanja yana..mdh2an Allah permudahkan semua urusan kt semua hndknya..ameen...hehehe...

YaNNa'87 said...

ain~ ain pn kna start apply any vacancy dh 2..

su-ebah~ congratz 4 u too.. sume mtk blnja ni, ckup ke x duit gaji nk blnja korang sume ni..hehe


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