Sunday, March 28, 2010

Got But Gone

It's not easy to reach for something,
but it's more difficult to hold something that you already got...
sometimes it is already in our hand,
but it also gone..
no matter how we take care of it,
it still couldn't stay permanently with us..
at that time, 
no more things we could do, 
just let it go..
it is the best way we can choose..

>>>> gmbr kt ats 2 aku snap lps men bdminton ngn tat, trpksa letak gmbr tat sbb tat xreti nk snap gmbr aku biar jd cm2 gak..geram tat!!!! 


seroja jingga said...

hey darling..
thnks for droping blog it such a rubbish..good to know u..watever it is..welcome to the dark side of my life..

nanti tinggalkan link kamu kalo kamu komen ye...senang akak nak cari..

cheers darl!


YaNNa'87 said...

welcome.. not very 'rubbish' actually, very like read ur entry, it give me strength n a bit inspirations to go on with my life..


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