Sunday, March 7, 2010

Drawing in Hot

In a hot day without current ( blackout for 3days ),
better I spent that leisure time with my hobby...
so, the result is like this...

as usual, I juz use pencil & 0.4mm artline..
but 4 this time,
I use 5B pencil that I bought last month....
so my sketch look more dark than before,
no need to give an extra force to the 3B pencil anymore while making a shading..
and this drawing takes about 2hours start from making grid lines till the final touch..

about the quality,
I think it's not bad,
but very3x bad..
hurm, mayb coz so long time didn't drawing,
so the skill is gone..hehe

anyhow, so far this sketch not meant to give to anyone,
maybe juz becomes a part of my collections
to decorate my room's wall..

" who want a rose must respect the thorn,
and take time to smell the rose.."


Anonymous said...

lawa ler jugak tu
lg baik dr aku yg x pandai lukis

ko pandai buat potret?

YaNNa'87 said...

bleh gak la ckt2.. nape, nk upah ke? hehe

FIEFAH said...

mesti pikir profit je........huhuh

YaNNa'87 said...

hahaha..well, that's me..

Farhan said...

pensel 5b?ada ke?

tp sketch tu mmg lawa.x tipu

YaNNa'87 said...

ad la, yg paling pekat 8B.. 8B paling soft, sesuai utk shading rambut utk lukis potret. stkt nk shading bunga bleh je gna 5B..

anyhow thanx, tp msih perlukan penambahbaikan..

Nurul Ain said...

lukiskan utk ain satu..hehe~


YaNNa'87 said...

klo ain nk, dtg je kt blik org n plih je mn2 lukisan yg ain suka....


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