Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Events @ PWTC

1. Wedding Expo
I went to this expo at 14th March 2010, the last day of the event. doesn't plan to go there actually, my rumate n me decide it on da spot since my rumate very excited to get married..we arrived there at 2.00pm.. fullamak, rmai gler org..n most of them going with their 'beloved-couple'..

there was a lot of wedding promotions include photography, photo albums, wedding invitation cards, catering, bridal dress, and etc. all of these could get in one package. the one that I like most is a package abt RM4500, complete with photography starting from malam berinai till the end of wedding, dress, pelamin and many others. felt like to book at tht time, but the most problem is the 'groom' is doesn't exist yet.hehe

very like this invitation cards..simple tp menyerlah..

the best thing tht I couldn't forget is when they asked me, "when u will get married?" I replied, "hmm, within 1-2years.." then they asked, "where's ur future husband comes from?" uiks, this question very2 killed me! but with slumber face, confidently I said,"kelantan as well.."haha..my answer just like I had someone waiting 4 me rite.. perasan je aku nih... n one more question they asked me, "why didn't come together with ur future husband?" and again, dgn slumber je aku jwb, "owh, he's working.." kuawawa....

 fashion show pn ada.. ni fesyen ala cairo gitu..

 smpt lg ak berangan nk kawin guna pelamin cmni..hehe..tp xyah grand pn xpe, mmbazir je, bkn grand wedding yg dipertaruhkan, tp kebahagiaan lebih utama..

2. Matta Fair

Matta fair offers great travel promotions to anyone tht very love to travel like me. hehe..for those who's really like traveling, this is the exact time to book for travel coz there was 20-50% off!! at tht time I just survey a bit coz doesn't have enough money to book.. actually I'd tried to find any travel  promotion to mt. kinabalu and also beijing, but didn't found it. mt kinabalu promotion was available but too expensive I think. never mind, I think I want to spend some money every month special for travel when  I start work.. hope my dreams become true..insyaAllah..

3. International Books Fair

This is the latest event at PWTC, it was last week ago.. I went with my bestfren, Fifah at 1st day of the event..smangat tol.. I bought 4 books for my collections.. two of them was "Don't be Sad" it have 3 volumes actually but I just bought vol 1 and vol 2.. after finish read both of them, I'll buy the last volume. actually I like to buy this book a long times ago. I falled in love with tht when red it for the 1st time abt 3years ago.. yeah, now I got it.. hopefully it can motivating me when I go down n feel sad..

being a part of my collections..

the other one is "Kembara Hamba Mencari Cahaya" written by Hilal Ashraf. I like his writing and always up-dated his writing at his blog. I'll make a summary for this book when I finish read this book later. and the last one is "Ikhtiar Penyembuhan Penyakit dgn Ayat2 dan Doa2 Mustajab" by Dr Harun Din. It was published by Darul Syifa'. hopefully it can help me when I got problems or sick.. It was amazing coz we can use Ayat2 al-Quran to cure any illness except death la.. It's realizing me tht there's no others can help us except Allah.. always trust Allah whenever n wherever we are, La ilaha illallah..Muhammadun Rasulallah...


Anonymous said...

bulan 5 ni aku nak gi melancong ke redaNG @ perhentian~

rugi lak tak gi tgk kat matta fair aritu~

YaNNa'87 said...

wow..nk ikut bleh?hehe..
hmm, kt matta fair hri 2 ad gak promo..rugi2..

nur_aqil said...

g melancong nih.. aii bez nye..
haaa.. kak yana bohong je ye.. bakal suami dari kelantan.. heehe.. mengimpikan org sne ye.. :)
aqila pegi gak.. tapi x masuk la plak wdding expo nih.. pasal x terpikir la plak..

YaNNa'87 said...

not lie but hope..hehe..
aqila xleh msuk c2 lg, blom ckup umur..=)

nur_aqil said...

InsyaAllah kalau da jodoh.. :)
tau x pe.. blom cukup umo.. awal sgt pon..


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