Friday, April 2, 2010

Self Motivation

Salam Jumaat...

Today I'm gonna share with u all a bit mind motivation tht I got from motivation talk by Ust. Amin Idris at masjid UKM last nite. who's Ust Amin? ala, yg salu kuar kt TV1 tu ler.. kalo nk brkenalan dgn lebih lnjut ngn Ust Amin nih, bleh la link kt sini, at first, I don't know who will give the talk, I juz know there will have a motivation talk. seems my spirit going down to empty level, haven't any mood to study, so I decide to go there, perhaps I can built a bit strength to make a preparation since my final exm is around da corner. 

Actually I won't to 'membebel' too much, juz like to share a bit interesting part from the talk. the best part is the story abt "a mom and her sons." alkisahnya, the mom having 3 sons, Abdul Wahab, Abdul Wahub, and Suziana Ahmad. one day, the mom got an 85th birthday celebration party. so the three sons give a great n very expensive present to their mom.

Abdul Wahab give a Ferrari car, while Abdul Wahub give a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. and the youngest son, Ahmad give a parrot, harganya RM500,000. this parrot very special one coz it can sing over 500 kind of songs, not the polyphonic but truetone g2.. bkn 2 je, boleh azan lg, siap boleh setting nk dgr azan dari mana, dari mekah, malaysia bla bla bla.. 

Then, 2-3days later.. the mom wt la mjlis kesyukuran.. during the ceremony, she give a short speech.. she said, 

"to my eldest son Abdul wahab, thanx a lot coz giving me the fancy car. I really appreciate it.. unfortunately, my driving licence had been expired by 35 years ago.. so I can't use it by myself.. "

"to Abdul wahub, thanx u very2 much coz giving me the motorcycle, dh lama mak nak motor 2, skrg baru dpt..  but again, unfortunately I'm very2 old to becomes 'minah rempit' right now.. so sad.. "

"while to my youngest and beloved sons, Ahmad.. I'm very2 thanx to u coz u give me such a great present.. u give me the only one present tht useful to me. mak dah sembelih n made some curry for my lunch just now..very2 tasty meat, I never had a good taste like this before.."

agak2 Ahmad 2 trkejut x?? bkn main expensive he bought the parrot, buy at last, it just become as a dishes.. 

so, the lesson from the story is "something valueable is useless if we didn't know how to utilize it." same like us as a human, we have a mind, mind kita tuh sgt2 tak cilap, tak ternilai harganya.. but if didn't know how to use it, it useless!!!! klo kita xreti guna mind kt tuh,  sama la mcm haiwan yg berotak tp tak berakal.. as a nutshell, remember, we have a brain inclusively with mind.. but the animal have brain without mind, just 'mind' differentiate us between the animal.. renung2kan dan selamat beramal..

sekian bebelan yana tazkirah jumaat pd kali ini...=P


Anonymous said...

Salam kak..
Sy ingin mminta pndapat kak tntg sains ada temuduga mara untuk kursus ini dan prlu buat esei tntg prancangan krjaya... wlau bgaimana pun, sy msih x pasti tntg path of an actuary..trutamanya tntg exam2 die yg byk tuh... hrap kak bleh tolog sy..plez2...


YaNNa'87 said...

w'salam. insyaAllah akak akn tlg pe yg trdaya.. akak rsa awk kna byk surf tenet, then pe2 yg xfhm 0 nk tau lbh detail bleh tnya akak..

Anonymous said...

ok...thanks kak..
sy dh surf sikit tdi sal SA..
urm...nmpaknya, makin byk sy baca, makin byk sy prlu tahu...huhu


Anonymous said...

ok..thanks kak..
tadi sy ada search sikit tntg SA...
hurm...nmpaknya, makin byk sy baca, makin bnyk sy tak faham & perlu tahu..huhu
kak tahu kan tntg exam2 die? bleh kak jelaskan sedikit tntg exam die?


YaNNa'87 said...

ad 8 series utk 1st stage.. after u passed 4 all those papers, there hv another series of xm papers, tp 2 utk sape2 yg nk jd fellow actuary la.. tp prlu diingat, gaji actuary depend kpd bil xm yg pass.byk pass xm, mkin byk la salary..

mula2 amik xm Probability, then finance math, ps2 ad xm C plak.. hrga 1paper dlm RM600+++..

akk nk post gak psl actuary lbh detail, tp skrg bz ckt nk stdy utk final xm..

Anonymous said...

what? rm600+++??? huhu...mmg cabaran, d mana ada kmahuan, d situ ada jalan...=) tggu post kkak tuh..xpe laa lmbat pun, asalkan jgn tiada..huhu 1, gud luck 4 da coming final exam!!!



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