Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tiada Lagi Sepi

Finally I got new name 4 my blog.. "Menggapai Impian" a.k.a reaching the dreams.. I felt very comfortable with tht.. Quit a long time trying to find a good title to replace "Pengembara Sepi". wht happened to "Pengembara Sepi" actually? I've to throw it away since my life is like very lonely, loser n etc.. cam terkena badi lak ngn title 2.. hidup aku jd cm suram jer..

Now, "Menggapai Impian" seems gives me inspiration, spirit, and strength to survive n reach all my dreams.. even most of my dreams had been broken into pieces before, but now I've to rebuilt the dreams over again.. I realize tht something different was happened to me lately.. no idea wht kind of thing, but it can make me pretty smile n happy without any doubt anymore.. Also realize tht most of my little dreams become true within this 2weeks.. I praises to Allah for His given to me..

As I mention before, in this entry, I'd a lot of dreams. the dreams tht are listed in tht entry just a part of my dreams. I hv many other dreams, some of them become true, some of them was destroyed, n some of them still become as a dream..

but, I hv ONE dream, it's a great and meaningful dream. I'll try my best to reach tht, I'll never gv up. no matter wht, I'm willing to face it by my self.. I'll make sure tht this dream will becomes true, not just an empty dream. by the way, many people said, there's nothing with dreams, angan-angan je.. but I hv my own principle, without dreams, there r no goals in life.. with dreams, we hv something to do to live in much better..

"Dreams are like stars, you may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to destiny."

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