Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lonely Traveler

I'm different..that's y I becomes lonely traveler.. so long had been waiting for some1 to ask, y "Pengembara Sepi"? finally, 1 of my fren ask me that qs. the answer is coz I'm different.. I'm different from others, I'd a different soul, something tht I never found from any of my fren. It was happened continuosly till I met 'him'.

I realize no one understand me, understand my soul and everything abt my life. I didn't blame anyone, it all my fault coz I'm different one.. I dn't like to be a part of modernization's victims, I can't stand with crowded peoples, I can't stand with fast food, I dn't like heavy social party such dinner, birthday party bla bla bla.. 

ya, sometimes I've to be flexible n I try to be like tht, but it was so cruel if I being like tht for the whole of my life.. I've my own life, no one have a right to force me to do something tht I dn't like. I've my own principles, my own interest.. people must respect my principles as I respect their own principles. it's fair rite?

I know and I'd been understood all the risks tht I'll facing coz of my difference. I realize when I being like this, I wouldn't hv many frens. yes, it happen not even right now, but it was happened long times ago.. coz not much people like to be alone, like to live in truly nature, like to observe the universe n etc. rarely meet with people like this rite?

am I lonely? yeah, can't deny tht kind of thing.. and I'd try to find some1 tht hv the same soul like me.. but never found it. wht abt 'him'? I thought I'd found wht I'm looking for since all the 'characteristics' available to him.. but I was wrong.. he just like others, not understood as well.. 

I thought the loneliness will disappear from my life after met him. but again, I got wrong.. in fact, he made me more lonely after he's gone.. so now, for once again, I becomes lonely traveler...

"I've got everything I need except a man. And I'm not one of those women who thinks a man is the answer to everything, but I'm tired of being alone."


Perindu_Ilahi said...

Salaam sis...
honestly,we share the same charecteristic and we share much of similarity(refer to your post)

don't worry my sis,we will not be alone forever.. "Allah itu Mha Adil" =)

(can i copy this post?because it really seem like me-i'll put your link here)

YaNNa'87 said...

I dn't think we r same..

ok, just take it..but make sure u put the link to my original post..hehe

Perindu_Ilahi said...

kak yan : he2...sure,i'll put your link (^_-)

Anonymous said...

The most difficult phase of life is not when no one understands you; It is when you don't understand yourself..

be urself..!

hideo13 said...

long time no see huh...
as friend i should advice don't think too much about 'him' for you there's some one more waiting, but maybe not 'him'. Perhaps someone more amazing than 'him' but not me.hehe

Just rilex don't be stress about that

YobSumo said...

You should do something bout it. Being lonely is not the best part of the life. Try your best to change it ok!

YaNNa'87 said...

hideo~ kenape sy xdpt bca komen kamu??? dh delete ek??

ano~ ya. it's true.. tq

yobsumo~ i'll try.. thx 4 ur advise..


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