Thursday, April 22, 2010

The One

I got almost everything I want in this life easily.. But still didn't get ONE thing.. THE ONE is the most meaningful, the most I hope to get.. I willing to lose everything I had as long as I get THE ONE, but I'm not willing to lose THE ONE.. 

Sometimes I felt very give up and disappointed to put any hope to get THE ONE, but I have to be strong otherwise I can't reach my dreams. moreover THE ONE is a part of my dreams.. 

Today, I feel loser for once again when THE ONE is seems impossible to reach. so many times I'd try to get it, but failed! yet more frightening, THE ONE is seems goes more far away.. make me think I'll never get it forever, I think there is not any chance for me to get it..  this failure make me sick, depressed and loser...

THE ONE - how can I get you to be mine forever???? what else should I do to reach you? please don't make me crazy to think about you every single day I had.. Ya Allah perkenankan permintaan aku yang SATU ini..

Accidently I found this meaningful words.. owh, it gives me some spirit to wake up....

Hope is not closing of your eyes
to the difficulty, the risk,
or the failure.

It is a trust that -
If I fail now,
I shall not fail forever;
And if I am hurt,
I shall be healed.

It is trust that
Life is good,
Love is powerful,
and the future of promise.


Katak Ijau said...

cik yanna...
will doakan juga moga impian tu tercapai yer...

♥CiK YaNNa♥ said...



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