Monday, April 26, 2010

Sorry For The Way I Wrote

Note : Please read this entry with cool mode, not with angry mode or 'nada sinis'. 

First thing I want to wish here, "thanx a lot to someone for ur comment abt my blog yesterday." such a meaningful thing for me coz it make me realize tht the way I wrote in this blog might be hurt somebody when they red. I think abt his comment for the whole last night. so, here I ask apologize to everybody if I had been hurting you all by the way I wrote here

I admit tht I always use such annoying sentences, condemning someone in my previous entries and it might be hurt some readers even actually they are not related at all with any annoying words here. so sorry for that.  

Normally every annoying sentences I wrote tribute for some related person. so, please to all.. please dn't get hurt if the sentences are not related to you as a reader. I dn't mean to hurt anybody,  I juz wrote it coz I want to release all my feelings, all my sadnesses, and all my expressions since I dn't know wht else I can do to release it. I dn't mind if you all as a reader didn't leave any comments, unfinished reading, condemn my entry or anything else coz I wrote here juz to calm me down from wht I feel during the writing. 

I know here is not the best place to release all my feelings, but I think it's better than I release to people around me coz I wonder it will getting worst since I'd a bit 'hot temper' such using annoying words ( ayat pedas). so I wonder it happened out of my control. 

But now I realize, I cn't be like this forever. I've to change my bad attitudes, I've to control my anger, I've to be friendly with people around me. hopefully you all can encourage me to be a good girl. please give me some comments or advise or even condemn abt my bad attitudes, abt my writings and many other things.

Some good stuff to share ( selingan utk diri sendiri) :

Doa Menghilangkan Rasa Marah : 

Doa Memohon Kesabaran : 

>>>> I appreciate a lot with anybody that realize abt my mistakes then comment or advise me abt it rather than leave me because of my unnoticed mistakes. 


lumut said...

aku baru nak pergi baca entry2 lepas..huhu....

bagus saling menasihati tuh...

♥CiK YaNNa♥ said...

bagus utk hubungan sesama manusia.=)

Katak Ijau said...

cik yanna...
tak salah pun kalau kite nak brubah utk menjadi yg lebih baik..
pape pun ikut keselesaan ok..
jgn brubah sbbkan org lain semate2..heee

btw, awk tlh di tag...
sile jawab yer.. :)

♥CiK YaNNa♥ said...

betol, tp kalo kt selesa tp org xselesa ngn kt, trpksa la berubah kn.. utk kbaikan kt jugak..

anyway, sy amik serius teguran tu bkn krn some1 yg tegur 2 special sum1, so aku tau dia ikhlas tegur..hehe

hmm, tagged.. one more time, aku trlepas..haha.. dlm folder ke8 aku hnya ad 6 keping gmbr..dh dua kali kena tagged yg ni tp trlepas..oyeah!!!!=p


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