Saturday, May 1, 2010

Future Plans Toward Reaching The Dreams

Finally, exam seasons come to the end.. but it's not really over coz I've to present my theses next week.. oh, tak sabar nak buang title 'degree student'..

As the title 'degree student' getting over, I'll becomes as an employee.. no idea the pathway I'll go through, I think it will be more challenges, full of tricks with many kind of human attitudes and etc... but I praise to Allah for making my life going smoothly right now..

So, from now on, I've to plan about my future toward reaching all my dreams.. I've to plan particularly about my finance, my little leisure time, and also my future life..

Hmm, once becomes as an employee, my mind start to think how can I spend my salary effectively? while lust start to demand for everything to buy and get.. my mom and dad starting to dream tht I drive a fancy car when I going back to hometown.. yela, org ada degree, takkan guna kereta wira @ viva @ saga jer, malu pulak kt org kampung.. that was my villagers perspective.. adeh, ingt org ada degree ni kaya sgt ek???

Personally, I'm different from others. I'm prefer to buy a house @ land as an asset rather than car.. coz price for land or properties going up by the time move forward but inversely proportional with car... memang otak konvensional kan actuary student ni..fikir profit jer..hehe..

Unfortunately, car is a requirement.. while properties is an asset for future benefit.. hmm, quit difficult to make a decision. I think it's better to buy a cheap car like the 2nd hand car..hehe.. for the first phase lorh! when I felt my life more stable, myb I'll buy another one, the fancy car..kuang3x.. within the movement to 2nd phase, myb I'd my own apartment or land..

What abt 'The Rest of My Life'? hmm, sometimes I think when I hv all the asset especially car and house, 'saham' aku will going down.. quit worries abt it actually.. yela, laki mesti takut nak dekat kalo tengok pompuan dah lengkap semua kan.. hurm, xkisahlah.. kalau ada jodoh ngn sape2, maka kahwinlah aku ni..

Talk abt married, it remind me to the previous entry.. people ask me abt the characteristic listed for my Mr Right. actually it wasn't exactly conditions for the Mr Right.. it just hope, if it becomes reality, then it is a bonus for me.. otherwise I accept it as my faith. and the best answer is "utk mnjadi Mr Right saya, tak perlu penuhi syarat2 tu semua sekiranya selepas solat istikharah saya nampak dia, dan dia nampak saya.."

"Biar hidup sendiri dan masih kekal serinya daripada dikelilingi lelaki tetapi telah hilang maruah diri.
Biar lambat bertemu jodoh tetapi tinggi peribadi daripada cepat jodohnya tetapi tidak lama ditinggalkan pergi."

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