Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Environment, New Changes, New Challenge

"Welcome to the new stage"- I wish to myself.. 

so far, nothing very much different as I moved to new phase in my life.. juz get new frendz, new environment.. but I realize there was something change with me when I was at workplace for the whole last week. actually, at the first week being an employee, I juz be a good listener instead of being a very talkative person, and juz observe people around me.. but at the same time I try to be friendly with new colleagues with huge smile =)

ok, that was 1st change that I successfully done! 2nd, I try to accept anything that I dn't like by cooling my self. actually, my current job not related at all with my study background. at first, I felt very unsatisfied with that, but I try accept it as a 'test'. maybe I can take it as a bit experience to face my life forward.. 

I believe everyone wanna get a job that related with their studies rite? same goes to me... but sometimes, we have to accept and appreciate what we already have right now.  but at the same time, don't give up to get our aim or dream.. maybe it not comes to us easily, it's not so easy to get what we really want.. just keep going to find another chances.. 

once I moved to new phase, also got new shock! very scared when met people with many types of attitudes, life styles etc.. it's very challenge our iman @ principles.. semoga Allah pelihara imanku hingga ke akhir hayat..  actually it's depend to ourselves whether wanna blended together with their attitudes or stand with our own principles. in this situation, we supposely strictly stand with our own principles so that we dn't juz follow the flow in front of us.. aku tak nak cakap besar, sebab takut kata-kata akan memakan diri sendiri.. cuma sedaya upaya aku akan cuba avoid from all kind of things yg boleh merosakkan hidup aku... 

very hard to understand my words? ok, secara simple, someone talk to me like this and I take it as an advice. he said, "saya tengok fresher masa mula2 kerja, nampak baik jer, tp setahun or dua tahun lepas tu, character dia dah berubah..jauh beza dgn mula2 keje dulu.." nauzubillahi min zalik.... actually, that was perception to us as a fresher lebih2 lagi 'org kampung' macam aku nih... for me, that is a challenge. it's depend on me how  I can handle or face it or knocked down by the challenge..

"Life full with challenges.. depend to us how to handle it effectively."


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