Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spread The Salam


actually, I got an interesting info abt salam. so I think I gonna share with u all abt that. as we know tht, spread the salam is a sunnah n we r compulsory to answer tht, n it's better if we can answer more. means tht, if some1 ask "assalamualaikum," we have to reply with "waalaikumsalam warahmatullah." if they ask "assalamualaikum wrhmatullah," then reply with "waalaikumsalam warahmatullahibarakatuh." then if they ask more, we can said "waalaikumsalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh wamaghfiruhu waridhwanuh." which means "salam sejahtera ke atas kamu dan semoga dirahmati Allah dan diberkati dan diampunkanNya dan diredhaiNya."

quit long rite? bt this is the way tht we pray 4 peace to our frenz. n this show tht we love n appreciate them a lot.. so, let's spread our love with salam..

ok, the interesting info tht I'd heard is how can we replied if non-muslim ask salam 4 us? some people said, we juz reply with "wa'alaikum," can't be "wa'alikum salam." but, actually we can reply "wa'alaikum salam." bt it's depend on situation..

ok, the situation is when we're not sure whether they ask "assalamu'alaikum" or "assamu'alaikum." if we r sure tht they ask "assalamu'alaikum," then we can reply "wa'alaikum salam." but if they ask "assamu'alaikum" or not very clear, we juz can said "wa'alaikum" which means "and on u as well."

well, " assamu'alaikum" is totally different with "assalamu'alaikum." "assamu'alaikum" actually means "celakalah ke ats kamu." it was used by yahudi long times ago to make muslims become confused. so, we hve to particular with their tactic to confuse us and it's not impossible many other ways they use to make us become doubt with our religion. 1 of them is by using "Allah" as their god name.. clearly I said here tht I totally did'nt agree and allow them to use tht holy word.

as a nutshell, we as muslim must always realize with kafirun's actions. remember, a minute we're default, Islam will be destroyed.. nauzubillahi minzalik..

Sabda Rasulullah SAW: "Demi Dzat yang diriku dalam genggamanNya, mereka tidak masuk syurga sehingga mereka beriman, dan mereka tidak beriman sehingga mereka saling menyinta. Maukah kamu aku tunjukkan sesuatu yang jika kamu mengerjakannya kamu saling menyinta? Sebarkan salam di kalangan kamu."

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