Saturday, March 16, 2013

IFSB Public Hearing 2013

Date : 22nd Jan 2013
Venue : Sasana Kijang, Bank Negara Malaysia

I was invited to attend this public hearing to represent my company as part of member of  Islamic Financial Services Board, IFSB. IFSB is an organisation that create a standard guidelines and frameworks for all islamic financial institutions around the world. In this public hearing, all the members could voice up any issues related to the financial matters. For the public hearing held on 22nd Jan, the IFSB focus on new Basel 3 Framework. As such, all the members were invited to raise any issues regarding the progress to set up new Basel 3 Framework. 

As I'm not very sure how private and confidential level for this conference, so I don't think to share a lot about the content of the event. I just want to share about my experience to be there as a very young representative for my company compared to other representatives that come from all around the world. At first, my intention other than to update the latest issues for Basel 3 is to find a soul-mate. But seems very frustrated as most of the representative came with white hair.hehe..  

The moderator for this conference is Mrs Kartina Md Ariffin, an Actuarial Science Graduate from University of Wisconsin, and the panelists are Professor Simon Archer a professor from University of Reading, UK, Dr James Smith and Mr Zahid Ur Rehman. Actually I was quite impress with James Smith and Prof Simon because they are mat saleh, and I think they are not muslim. But they are very interested in islamic finance. They have published a lot of researches and papers on islamic finance and takaful. They also very familiar about islamic contracts and their terms like ijarah, mudharabah, sahibul mal etc.

During the conference, I just listen and trying to understand the matters raised from the representatives. But it was very difficult for me to understand when they spoke with their own slang especially the Arabians.  Sometimes I can't catch up what they said because my focus was more on understanding and translating their words. Plus with my normal english is very weak, it make me felt very fool and blur. Oh my english....

Finished writing about the conference, now I want to share about  Sasana Kijang. This place own by Bank Negara Malaysia, it is a beautiful architecture, built 90% from glasses and green colour. That was the first time I been there and knowing such place named Sasana Kijang. I thought it is located inside the BNM Head Office area, but actually it is located outside which is 5-10 minutes walk from BNM HQ. This place have more on conference halls rather than office suits. There also have an art gallery and museum which is open to public with free entrance. 

Well this is my country, Malaysia. Full of high building, beautiful architecture. all of these things for me are very waste a lot of money. Yes, we need buildings for office suits, but what we already have like Petronas Twin Tower and many other buildings are more than enough. All these buildings still have a lot of space for rent and sale. But 'they' are still greedy to built the highest building, the most creative architecture in the world. It is better to built innovative creatures like dwi-function Smart Highway right?

For conclusion, let's view some photos of Sasana Kijang from Mr Google..

The Sasana Kijang 

Sasana Kijang at night 

At the center inside the building

view from front

The stairs..

The lifts

From outside..


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