Tuesday, October 13, 2009

~ I'm Back ~

Assalamualaikum wbt....

2 months....quit a long period... now I'm back here, after got enough time 4 a long 'rest'.....
during dat period, i've learn a lot of thing, learning from da mistake.. a big and very silly mistake dat i've done.. i've learn how to be strong, how to appreciate others around me.. and most important thing is i've learn to rebuilt the dream dat had been broken into pieces...

Of course its not easy to accept and 4get wht had happened.. hmm, actually i've found something dat realize me to wake up... the article ' kisah 4 lilin' really awaken me n give new hope.. well, with hope...people can continue their life with much better.. really agree with dat.. well, u can click here to read da article, "kisah 4 lilin".

jgn biarkan lilin harapan itu padam.... jika tidak, malaplah hidupmu....

hmm, actually...lot of my fren asking me to become a bloggers as usual.. whoa...felt like really appreaciated....huhu.. ok, i try to become an active blogger, but myb with a little bit different... myb no feeling2 lg daa... ( malu siot..)!! let me keep my felt just as my secret, " rahsia di hati tak siapa yg tahu"...=).. mgkin hanya org trtentu shja yg akn fhm dgn ayt yg tersirat dlm stiap kata2 yg tersurat... who's dat???

well, i'm also excited to sharing stories with u all actually, miss so much with my blog and all bloggers out there... so, now i start to think da entry dat i'll post in dis blog... makin brtmbh plak keje.... never mind, just to release tension.... so bored actually bla puasa blog, puasa YM, puasa FB n evrything ni... huhu..

and lastly, da best reason y i'm back is "sharing".. becoz 'sharing is caring' rite??? k, see u in next entry... daa..

" let by gone, be by gone.."


ainulmardhiah said...

kisah 4 lilin...erm, i got many lessons from it..life must go on..let by gone be by gone..buang yg keruh amik yg jernih..huhu, ak dh byk mengarut ni..
but...thanks frend, u r back..

wake up from the 'jiwang2 air'...hehe=p

Sharif John said...

Welcome back sis

YaNNa'87 said...

ainulmardiah~ pe jiwang2 air 2???

sharif john~ thanx..=)


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