Saturday, October 17, 2009

Trip To Central Bank Of Malaysia

Date : 12th Oct 2009
Time : 9.00 am - 11.00 am
Venue : Central Bank of Malaysia, KL
Organizer : Actuarial Student of UKM

Such an interesting experience to go to Central Bank of Malaysia.. but it's more interesting if I can work here after graduate..huhu.. actually dis programme was organized by my coursemate 4 final project of investment and portfolio management...

here we have a seminar, bt i 4got lor da title of da seminar..huhu..I just remember abt 'sukuk' dat is an islamic bond. it's just like normal bond but a bit different on it's applications. 4 example if some1 buy a bond, he doesn't allowed to resell to another one till da contract is over..

posing depan bangunan Bank Negara....

I think dat's all I can conclude abt da trip n seminar, I didn't hve more informtn 2 share coz I was too sleepy at dat tym..huhu... n I didn't take note anything during da seminar..such a waste tym... hmm, actually I can't focus coz think abt my final project... my group also have to organized a seminar abt investment, but we got many problems to find some1 dat can give a talk 4 dis project...

wasting time to wait 4 bus b4 going back 2 UKM....

we were returned to UKM abt 1 pm after 'being a model' more than 1hour at bus stop in front of BNM waiting 4 bus coming to pick up us.... again, such a waste tym!!!!

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