Sunday, December 27, 2009

Warkah Cinta Berbau Syurga

Assalamualaikum wbt...

I'd already finished red this novel yesterday.. actually, so long didn't read novel coz dn't want be 'jiwang2' anymore.. but this novel have a different aura that make me wanna finish my reading as soon as possible..

It's an islamic novel abt Al-Azhar univ. student, Amir Mukhlis with his life as a true muslim, he really strict abt relationship with muslimah.. while Wardah, a girl with pure heart wishing for love from Amir Mukhlis.. she defend her love alone, by herself... whereas Amir just wait n accept all the faith without any wishes or actions to hold the relationship..

Wardah becomes confuse when Amir never show any positive respons to their relationship.. till someday, Wardah has been force to married with Syamsul.. but her life after maried isn't like her dream before.. Syamsul is not a true muslim like Amir, it make Wardah's life become stressfull..

No one know abt her suffering except pieces of papers.. wardah wrote all her suffer and feeling on those papers.. wardah spent a whole life to write till the end of her breath.. after she died, Rahim as Wardah's cousin give all those letters to Amir.. those letters very touched.. Amir hvn't strong enough to hold his tears..

At the same time, Balqis comes to Amir's life, but Amir couldn't accept it coz deep in his heart just Wardah can stay there dulu, kini dan selamanya...

InsyaAllah I'll post a bit entry from those letters.. but I strongly suggest to all to read that novel, coz it's differ from others 'jiwang novel''s not a jiwang novel, but an islamic novel that can give a spirit to become a true muslim and avoiding us from become 'hamba nafsu'...

"kekadang kita tak menghargai seseorang yg menyintai kita sepenuh hatinya,
sehinggalah kita kehilangannya...
pada saat itu tiada guna lagi penyesalan,
kerana perginya tiada berpatah lagi..."


Nurul Ain said...

teringin nak bace islamic novel mcm ni tp xb'kesempatan lg..wuwu..


YaNNa'87 said...

awl2 sem ni boleh la bca, ec msa lpg.. lps ni jgn hrp nk sntai bca novel lg..tesis sdg menunggu..huhu


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