Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cooking As-syura

Date : 7th Jan 2010
Venue : Masjid UKM
Organizer : Persatuan Mahasiswa Kelantan ( PERDANA )

It was 1st time ate as-syura after abt 3years ago... as-syura is a mixture of rice, green bean, meat, sugar, salt, corn, coconut ( santan la..) and many others thing that I dn't know it's name.. anyone that interest to get the recipe myb can ask kak nora @ apih as a chef 4 this as-syura..=)

As-syura.. soodap...

actually, I didn't fully involved 4 this event coz extremely bz with another things to settle like SEDINAR '10, ESA '10 and also my thesis.. furthermore, I'd a pack classes on that day.. so sorry to all especially EXCO PERDANA coz can't help u all..

talk abt as-syura, I got interesting info.. my fren said it's as symbolic from history of Bahtera Nabi Nuh. on that ship, all muslims mix all the foods together in a big pot.. I'm not sure wether it's true @ not coz I'd heard that 4 the 1st time..

seems that I hvn't idea to create a long 'breaking news' abt this, actually not a breaking news anymore coz it was happened 4 a week ago..hehe.. so, we just go to the pictures 4 the event..

kaco jgn tak kaco..

sedondon..cewah...cop!! ak xknl dia k..

the foreigners excited to cook as-syura..

posing je lebih ni..=p

hampir msk dh ni...sbb 2 Anah senyum je..

bubur lambuk pn ada...

coming up with next post>>>> ESA '10 and ASRIMS '10......

" alasan tidak akan muncul seandainya kemahuan menjadi matlamat"

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