Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Upcoming Events

1. Majlis As-syura

spt yg terpapar dlm poster di ats, mjlis gotong-royong msk syura akn di adakan di msjid UKM pd khmis ni, 7hb jan 2010. but it will be start at wednesday evening.. bg sesaper yg nk nangis2 cuci mata, bleh la dtg pd ptg rabu 2 utk kupas bwg, rebus daging etc.. dan insyaAllah kt akn tido brjemaah di msjd pd mlm 2 coz bubur asyura akn mula dimasak after solat subuh berjemaah..

hungry? don't worry la, breakfast and lunch are provided for free.. anda cuma dijemput utk mengacau bubur syura je di samping memeriahkan suasana...

lg 1 nk ingtkn, walaupun persatuan mahasiswa kelantan yg organized, tp xsemestinya we all juz invite kelantanese, we invite all UKM students and also public around UKM.. pakat mari ramai2 deh...

2. Eksplorasi Siswa PERDANA 2010 ( ESA '10)

sminggu lps mjlis asyura, ESA '10 pula bakal menyusul.. 4 u all infomation, this program is alike leadership camp.. but, it's very interesting coz include jungle trekking, night walk, reality slot etc.. since ESA's flyers @ poster not finish yet, myb in progress, so u all can read all infomations abt this programme below ~

Date : 15th - 17th Jan 2010
Day : Friday - Sunday
Venue : Hutan Penyelidikan Alam ( HPA ), UKM
Payment : RM10 per person

actually this programme offered to 1st year & 2nd year Kelantanese students, but if any others wanna join, myb could be considered as a 'pending' status..hehe~ 4 registeration or any enquiries, feel free to ask me since I was person incharge for registeration..

3. Seminar Dinar Emas 2010 ( SEDINAR '10 )

this is the last programme for PERDANA 09/10 session.. so I think it will be a grand event, hopefully~ ok, this event openned to all UKM students, nearer IPT students, public around UKM, lecturers and anyone that interest to join... so, to anyone interest to join this event, juz register to Syafiq ( 013-3107390 ) @ Sarah ( 019-6112086 ) as soon as possible.. it's limited to 300-35o person only...

all informations abt dinar emas, u all can find it at our blog, http://sedinar.blogspot.com/

there's also a booth from Public Fine Gold as our sponsorship 4 dis event.. there u all can buy dinar @ myb u all can get something valued abt gold investment... so, don't missed the oppurtunity!!!!

"Emas diuji dgn api,
wanita diuji dgn emas,
dan lelaki diuji dgn wanita"

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