Saturday, January 8, 2011


Most people give up just when they're about to achieve success... when I give up, is it means that the success is not very far from me? Is it means that the success will comes around me soon? oh, I’m very tired of hoping.. almost everything that I hope never truly happened... sometimes I feel the succes is very near from me, I can feel it’s about to reach the success  but it’s gone as well...

Broken...everything is broken into pieces.. I struggle and put enough effort but still nothing obtained..just frustrated.... fortunately never put high hope to get it...and now just sigh left..and..down...never know why my life always like this...happiness never touch my life and soul..just like success never touch me...

Finally, just talk to myself as strong Yanna...just look around you..there’s much more people’s worse than you.. you even much better than them... You still have a family... you have a job even not a good job but at least you have one.. you have friends that always supporting you wherever you are... And have the only God..Allah.. 

Just take the inspiration from previous entry, never proud when you achieve success, and never cry when you won't get what do you want because something happened for a reason... never thought something you get is good for you.. but believe that whatever you never got have a reason.. the reason is Allah plan to give you something much better than what you want to have it.. 

"Stop dreaming..just act.. then you'll see the success.."

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