Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm Touched...

i thought i hven't need others..
i thought i'm strong enough to face my life alone..
but i'm wrong..
today i admit..
i'm really need someone..

to share my problems..
to share my life together..

today i'm touched..
really touched..
when someone comes to my life
give me some inspiration..
although i'm never hope so..
very touched till my tears fall out
for the first time after for a long time..

it was the first time i got someone cares about me..
i thought no body care about me..

all this while..
only me care about others,

without think of my self,
my feeling..

i'm not blaming anyone..
i'm sincere..
i'm happy to make others happy..

all this while..
i'm strong enough
to face all the trouble alone..
but today..

i'm failed!!
i can't stand anymore..
i'm not strong anymore..

thanks my friend..
for care about me..
although you doesn't know what really happened to me,
although you'll never understand what i felt..
at least you give me a strength..


geo_life said...

yup, it's nice to met that kind of person in life..be there when we in need for someone..
hope there will be many more person like him coming into your life

YaNNa'87 said...

hmm, 2la.. mgkin sy yg biasa memberi, tp tetiba seseklai menerima bru terasa terharu..huhu


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